Cancer Cover Plan is a fixed advantage well-being system offering payouts for treatment of cancer. In the occasion the customer is determined to have cancer, at that point this system gives benefits regardless of the costs caused from the treatment. LIC Cancer Cover gives insurance in the Event of Early Phase and Significant Stage Cancer. LIC Cancer Cover Plan is a standard premium program where premiums could be paid Annual or Half yearly to get an inclusion span going from 10 to 30 decades. The inclusion can be purchased disconnected notwithstanding on the web.

Qualification Criteria of This Plan

Least Age At Entry 20 Years (Completed)
Most extreme Age At Entry 65 Years(Completed)
Least Policy Term 10 Years
Most extreme Policy Term 30 Years
Least Cover Ceasing Age 50 Years
Most extreme Cover Ceasing Age 75 Years
Least Sum Assured 10,00,000/ –
Most extreme Sum Assured 50,00,000/ –
Method Of Payment Yearly and Half-Yearly
High Sum Assured Rebate Nill
Loan No Loan Shall Be Available
G.S.T. Presently @ 18%

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