Children's Plan

give your child a better future

Kanyadaan Plan

KANYADAAN PLAN ( JEEVAN LAKSHYA TABLE N0-833 ) is a limited premium endowment plan which is designed specially for those who are planning for their child’s education and marriage. Kanyadaan plan ( Jeevan lakshya T-833) provide assured future for your children.

Child Money Back Plan

LIC New Children’s Money Back Plan (Table No-832) is a Non-Linked Plan uncommonly intended to meet the monetary needs of children. LIC New Children Money Back Plan is a standard premium installment cash back plan. This Plan offer guaranteed return and reward..

Jeevan Tarun Plan

LIC’s JEEVAN TARUN PLAN is a children plan.This plan cover your children financial requirements and future needs. This is a flexible plan , specially designed to meet the educational needs of growing children. Here you will get some money back in 5 intervals during the policy ..